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What About Our Cartridges?

Genuine Inkjet Cartridges
Sometimes referred to "original" or "OEM" cartridges, these are cartridges which have been manufactured new by the same manufacturer as your printer. They are brand new and will work just as the manufacturer has intended and give the quality expected as such. They are also the most expensive option when replacing your printer ink cartridges.

Compatible Inkjet Cartridges
Compatible ink cartridges are not made by the same manufacturer as your printer. They are manufactured by a third party manufacturer and are designed to work in your printer up the the quality standard of the genuine ink cartridges. However with compatible cartridges there are a vast amount of manufacturers around, some work very hard and produce an excellent product which gives fantastic results and saves you money. Some however will be produced at a budget with quality or quantity of printouts suffering in relation to this. In summary, it doesn't matter how cheap and tempting it is, it's still a waste of money if it goes straight in the bin.

Compatible inkjet cartridges can be split into two main groups, these are "new" ink cartridges and "remanufactured" ink cartridges.
New ink cartridges are ink cartridges where the manufacturer has made the ink cartridge new from start to finish. They contain all new parts and electronics and if of good quality will work the same as a genuine cartridge. The only difference you may see is a software generated warning from your printer informing you that a non genuine ink cartridge is fitted. You are given the option to dismiss this message and continue as normal.
Remanufactured ink cartridges are ink cartridges where the cartridge is not new from start to finish. The manufacturer may use some or part of a genuine ink cartridge to produce the finished product. This may be down to the complexity of the cartridge or item, or it may due to legal constraints preventing them from reproducing some features. Again, these ink cartridges if of good quality will work as well as the genuine item. However some cartridges do lose the ability to show on screen their fill levels and will read empty when first installed. This is normal and the user is advised to ignore any "low ink" warnings and continue to print until the cartridge is physically exhausted of ink.

What Ink Cartridges Does Inktoprint Sell?
In general we sell a range of both the genuine and compatible ink cartridges, although not all options are available for all printers. For our compatible ink cartridges we use, almost exclusively, Jet Tec ink cartridges. Jet Tec ink cartridges are manufactured solely in the UK, they are an ISO9001, 14001 & 18001 registered and have recently been awarded a Nordic Swan accreditation for their environmentally friendly production processes. They are market leaders in the production of high quality compatible inkjet and toner cartridges and with production taking place in the UK your cartridges don't have to be shipped from halfway around the world just to save a few pence at the cost of the environment. Jet Tec products come with the extensive Jet Tec guarantee (see below).

All inkjet cartridges manufactur

All inkjet cartridges manufactured by Jet Tec are fully guaranteed against defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Jet Tec inkjet product then please return the product to the dealer with proof of purchase for a full refund.

If for any reason the situation arises whereby it is claimed that a Jet Tec product has damaged the printer, the following shall apply:

Jet Tec International guarantees that, in normal use its products will not cause damage or abnormal wear when used in printers in which they are designed to operate. Jet Tec shall not be liable to the buyer if any damage or abnormal wear to a printer that is claimed to have been caused by use of a Jet Tec product, could have been caused by goods not supplied by Jet Tec used in the printer before or after the use of a Jet Tec product. Jet Tec reserve the right to collect and inspect and if necessary repair the printer. If it is found that damage has occurred as a direct result of a Jet Tec cartridge then Jet Tec will repair the printer or replace the printer with a working equivalent, and return the printer within 20 working days of receipt of the defective device. Jet Tec's liability for the buyer shall not exceed the amount required to repair or replace the printer found damaged by a Jet Tec product.

This guarantee shall cease to take effect if the Jet Tec products are damaged, either wilfully or negligently, dismantled or otherwise tampered with or misused by, for or on behalf of the buyer or any third party.


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A4 Brushed Finish Inkjet Silver Film 10 Sheets

A4 Brushed Finish Inkjet Silver Film 10 Sheets


A4 Brushed Finish Inkjet Silver Film 10 Sheets
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Metalise your prints with this very unusual material, suitable for photo printing with very unusual results!
Free delivery.

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A4-A5 Blank Inkjet Greeting Cards 245gsm Matt 50pk


A4-A5 Blank Inkjet Greeting Cards 245gsm Matt 50pk
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Photo quality matt finish on both sides for internal and external printing.
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A4 Clear Glossy Adhesive Inkjet Printable Film 50 Sheets


A4 Clear Glossy Adhesive Inkjet Printable Film 50 Sheets
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